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How to Be Supportive to Someone Who Is Lonely

People who are lonely are prone to a lot of diseases and also are not mentally alright. This is because loneliness can affect us in a lot of ways and not just making us depressed and sad. To be lonely means that you do not have whom to discuss with, you have no one who you can ask for advices. It doesn’t just mean that you feel lonely because you don’t have a partner but also if you don’t have any friends or family. 

Here are some ways through which you can support people who are lonely. Remember that most of them tend to be depressed as well, be very careful about the decisions you make.

Do not judge the person

People when are lonely start overthinking of everything. It is not a good idea to judge their own way of socializing and dealing with other people. So, if they complain that they are feeling lonely, do not start and accuse them and say that in fact it is their fault for feeling that way. Try to be supportive and let them know that there are a lot of people out there that feel the same way and that everything will arrange itself. 

Take that person out for coffee

If you have a friend that complains about the fact that he or she is feeing lonely and not capable of finding a partner, take that person out for coffee and talk about the situation. Be as supportive as you can be and be present in the conversation. Ask them why they feel this way and encourage them by telling them that there are plenty of people out there who they can go out with and get into a relationship. They need to have patience. 

Be present in their life

Whenever a friend of yours starts complaining about the fact that he or she feels lonely it means that you need to start and become more present in their life. This means that you can take your time and talk almost on a daily basis with that person, go out or get into different activities. This way you will have a better understanding for why this person is feeling lonely and how you can help. Just the fact that you are there for them will make them appreciate you more. 


If you want to truly help someone, the best way is to actually listen to that person. You need to ask questions and listen and offer advices. This is the best way through which you can help anyone. Just make sure that you do not sound judging. Just let the conversation flow, people like to just pour their heart out. This can make everyone feel great; it can help people take a weight from their shoulders. Just be there for these people, try to surround them with your positive outlook to life and they will be very thankful to you.